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Owing to the fact that Chemical Engineering is the foundation od people's livelihood and otherindustries and that Chemical Engineering supplies raw materials and daily necessities in eras to come, based on our persistence and passion, we have been actively involved in both the organic and inorganic chemistry industries. Our company thus was established at the phosphorus country, Kunming, China in year 1997.

With good quality phosphorus source, however, we also recognize the importance of production skills and well management so that quality products can be possible. Thus, with our senior professional personnel in the phosphate chemistry field, combined with our Europe technique and the high quality of phosphorus and sulfuric acid raw material, naturally drawn the guarantee of our quality and stability products.

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Certificate of Quality

Our products' producing practices and services meet the requirements of the international quality management system, ISO 9001, and the registration has been obtained on April 12, 2002, which is issued by National Quality Assurance UK (shorted as NQA).

To abide by the law and regulation, to keep the contract, to set a upstanding enterprise atmosphere and social image, to innovate the technology, to bring forth new ideas of management and to meet the consumer's demand continuously with improving high quality products and good service.

"Quality is the core for our business, effectiveness is the goal for our management' is the company's spirit, which guides us to pursue the best quality instead of the larger business size. By the company culture: respecting work, enjoying company, modest, and honest, all of the Lilong's people are progressing on the way of TQM (Total Quality Management).

Research and Development

Our major products are Dicalcium phosphate and Mono-calcium phosphate. According to the customers and markets' requests, the diversifying productions and multibusinesses operations strategy has been developed.

Our R&D team is with aspiration and passion. Under the directions from experienced directors and technical team of Taiwan headquarter, the young R&D engineers are working on the R&D jobs of other feed grade phosphate products. In the near future, we would be able to provide Magnesium phosphates, Potassium phosphates and Natrium phosphates as serial feed grade phosphate products with high quality requirements.